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  • Justin O'Hare

Thank you

1st 2nd Harbord Scout group would like to thank the local community for coming out to support us today buy purchasing #RealChristmasTrees or #ScoutChristmasTrees .

All the young people in the area have the opportunity to join our group and today I met a lot of old scouts and maybe some new ones.

A big thank you to all the Scout Parents that helped organise the sale and help out today and a big thank you to all those parents and helpers that missed out helping because we sold out by 10:30 AM.

In 2019 we will be back at the same spot on Saturday 7th December 2019 and you can pre-purchase your tree from tomorrow. If you use the special code RealHarbordTrees19 you can get free delivery to the Harbord Area (Harbord is growing an now includes #DeeWhy, #Brookevale, #CurlCurl, #NorthManly, #ManlyVale and even #Manly)

Order now to save disappointment

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