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Free Trial for Girls and Boys aged 5, 6 and 7 at Joey Scouts

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The Joey Scout section focuses on fun and friendship and is a gentle introduction to a world of Adventures through Scouting. Joey Scouts can:

  • Discover what challenge means for them

  • Explore the world around them

  • Start to be active in the community

  • Share new adventures with others

  • Start to develop outdoor skills

  • Discover what teamwork means

  • Begin to learn how to lead activities

  • Participate in a Unit Council, supported by adults

Joey Scouts form small teams called a Patrol. Working together in your Patrol, you will discover lots of different, fun, exciting and challenging adventures outdoors.


43 Stirgess Ave, Curl Curl, NSW 2096

Opening Hours


5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Complete NSW Scouts Form

Complete the form below before you come for a trial picking 'New Member'

Welcome to Joey Scouts.


Our Joey group is a combination of 1st/2nd Harbord, Brookvale/Curl Curl, and Cromer / Dee Why.


We meet on Wed 5 to 6 PM


You are welcome to bring all your family (younger and older siblings)  to our activities and you must have a Parent at all weekend adventures.


Joeys are covered by our insurance at all events so long as they have registered with Scouts NSW, accept an Operroo invitation and wear enclosed shoes.


Sign up for your free trial

Please complete the NSW Scouts form before coming for a tryout



Once you have signed up you will get an email from Operoo asking for medical information for your Joey. please also add a photo of your Joey's face.

Family Camping

If you want to go to the family camp we need the adults to complete the form below due to the laws regarding Child Safety


Term 1 activities

See the attached PDF for a list of the activities that we have planned



We have 4 leaders (Ugli, Jamie, Aaron, and Tin Tin) across the 3 groups however if you are interested in helping we would love you to help us.



Once you have completed your free trial there are fees of around $100 per term (each group charges slightly different fees) which you can use your 2 active kids vouchers



Once you have agreed to join joeys and you have paid your fees you can buy a uniform (shirt, shorts, belt, hat, and woggle)


Bring a friend

Joeys is more fun if your friends are involved. Please ask your mothers group, school friends, neighbors, or family members to join too


Parents Whats App Group

Both Parents should join the WhatsApp group to know what is going on. This is a support group too so you can ask and answer questions without the leaders needing to answer 



All Scouts including Joeys earn badges for activities completed and are aiming to complete the Joey Scout Challenge Award



all groups do fundraising at events that help the community and raise funds for scouts. This keeps our fees low


More Info

Examples of activities

Joey Term 1 Wed 2023.jpg
Joey Term 1 Sat 2023.jpg
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