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Scouts in Harbord, Freshwater, Queenscliff and Curl Curl

This image is of Scouts helping to clear the land for Stuart House in Curl Curl in the 1920's

Freshwater Scout Troop, established 1917, was one of the first organisations formed for boys. Richard Dunsford was scoutmaster of twenty-seven lads known locally as 'Brookstick Warriors'. Meetings were held on Friday nights on a paddock near Surfers Parade and Oliver Steet.

The next troop was formed in June 1929 and re-registered in July 1935. The first Cub Pack began in October 1930 and was re-registered in July 1935 and again in 1943. At one time scout meetings were held in Pfoeffers stone farm shed in Robert Street.

present-day scouting was introduced in March 1953 with the re-registration of 1st Harbord (St MArks) Troop and Cub pack. Reverend CM Rogerson was instrumental in forming this group which was run by GSM 'Skip' Simpson, SM Bill West, ASM John Roxburgh and CM Betty Woods. Early meetings were held at St Mark's Church.

The 2nd Harbord Troop and Cub pack were established with GSM Col Stevenson, SM Ron Campbell and ACM Jan Matheson as leaders. Parents and supporters of both groups erected a small scout hall on Stirgess Avenue, which was later incorporated into the present hall officially opened in 1962.

Since 1978 a brick building has been erected behind the weatherboard hall.

1st and 2nd Harbord Scouters are Lindsay Day, Darren Ranger, Ralph Ranger and Sue Ranger.

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