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Volunteer Roles at Harbord Scouts


Responsible to: Group Leader



  • To promote Joey Scout activities at Group/local level.

  • To strongly encourage the progression of Joey Scouts into the Cub Scout Pack.

  • To encourage and facilitate the development of each individual in the Joey Scout Mob.



a) To ensure the Mob operates in accordance with the Association’s Charter, its Policy & Rules and Administrative Practices as advised from time to time.

b) Set a high standard of behaviour through personal example and encouragement.

c) Ensure effective functioning of the Joey Scout Mob. 

d) Provide and arrange instruction and assistance of Joey Scouts in skills appropriate to the program of the Joey Scout Mob.

e) In cooperation with all the Joey Scout Leaders incl. Associate Leaders and Youth Helpers, ensure all elements of the Joey Scout Section (including overnight activities) are included in all Mob programs.

f) Ensure adequate adult supervision of all activities.

g) Establish and maintain friendly relationships with parents, involving them where appropriate, in the Mob activities and also explain to them the principles of Scouting and the reasons behind the program.

h) Ensure that all Assistant Joey Scout Leaders, Associate Leaders and Youth Helpers have and discharge specific responsibilities in the various aspects of the Mob Program and involve them as important members of the Leadership team.

i) Enhance the personal growth and development, physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually, of the Joey Scouts by encouraging their participation in challenging activities.

j) Develop a high degree of cooperation with the Cub Scout Section of the Group and encourage all Joey Scouts to progress through all Sections.

k) Develop an understanding and knowledge of all Sections of Scouting.

l) Support District, Region and Branch activities relevant to the Joey Scout Section.

m) Attend and actively participate in the following:

a. Meetings and activities of the Mob.

b. Mob Program planning meetings.

c. Group Council meetings.

d. District training meetings (Wandarah).

e. Other planning meetings at Group, District or Branch as required.

n) Ensure that adequate and correct records are kept in relation to Mob membership, finance and equipment.

o) Ensure that youth membership details are forwarded to the Cub Scout Section at advancement ceremonies.

p) Through Group Council and at other appropriate times as the need arises to keep the Group Leader informed of all matters relevant to the Joey Scout Mob. q) Ensure correct administration of Mob activities in accordance with Association and Branch policy.

r) Ensure maintenance of Mob equipment.



a. Enthusiasm and ability to motivate young people and adults.

b. A strong commitment to the Joey Scout Section. 

c. Ability to communicate with young people and adults.

d. Be prepared to complete all modules of the Leader of Youth Development Program.

e. Be prepared to share leadership and develop other Leaders.

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