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  • Justin O'Hare

Scout Trees on Sale Sat & Sun 10th & 11th Dec

1st 2nd Harbord Scout group are bouncing back after all the disruption over the past 2 years. Thanks to your generosity last year we have been able to put in a new floor in our Scout Hall and buy 2 new canoes. I hope you can support us this year as well.

We will be selling Christmas Trees on 10th & 11th December at Freshwater High School on Harbord Road from 7PM. Please get there early to pick the best tree.

Back by popular demand! Yes, we have a BBQ for our Staff (Scouts and Families) and for our supporters too!

As usual, we will be supporting Lions Club in selling their delicious cakes and puddings.

How to buy the best Christmas Tree

Step 1: Planning

Make a space in your living room for your fresh tree.

Get hold of a car big enough to pick up your tree in

Put the 10th December in your calendar

Step 2: On the Day

Set your alarm for 6 AM

Get in your car and drive to Freshwater High School on Harbord Road

Grab a Beacon & Egg Roll from the BBQ

Spend your time looking through all the trees available.

Decide on one tree, but the other tree looks better.... Its hard to choose!!

Pay one of our keen scouts for the tree, Roll and Lions cake.

Ask a keen scout to carry your tree to your car

Step 3: once you have the tree at home

Place the base of your tree in a bucket of water or a tree stand with water (Remember it is a fresh tree and should be treated like fresh flowers)

Decorate your tree with tasteful ornaments and lights (Trying to reduce plastic)

Sit back and enjoy the sight and smell of Christmas

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