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  • Justin O'Hare

Happy New Year

Well, we have unofficially kicked off already with an amazing raft building day last Saturday. We had the perfect weather for a perfect day.

To take part in any activities you must re-register with scouts (we need to do this every 6 months)

If you know anyone who is 15 we are starting our new Venturer unit this year which is super exciting. We are having a planning meeting on Saturday 26th at 3 PM at the hall.

Cubs are back on Tuesday 6th Feb for Slip and Slide in Manly

Joey's we are looking for a new leader (Please nominate someone) and will probably start on the 14th Feb

At this stage, Scouts will start back on Thursday 8th Feb


We desperately need more leaders

Group Leader - Please nominate someone (I had no experience when I took on the role)

Joey Leader - Please nominate someone (Again I had no experience when I took on the role)

Scout Leader - Please nominate someone (even if you can only commit so every second week or just the weekends)

Save the dates

Love your environment for Valentines at Curl Curl sand dunes, all units are helping to put in 500 more plants 1 PM on Sat 10th Feb

Clean up Australia 10 AM Sun 3 Mar

Australian Jamboree will be 6th to 15th Jan 2025

Bring a Friend

Why not invite one or two friends to come to Joey's, Cubs, Scouts or Ventures? Ask them to fill in the online form for a free trial before they come.

Complete the form below before you come for a trial picking 'New Member'

Hall news

We had the hall painted and put in a brand-new kitchen so the hall is sparkling with the new floor as well.

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