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  • Justin O'Hare

Palm Beach to Bondi - Part I

Today's adventure started at 7AM at Dee Why on an overcast morning. We caught the B1 bus to Mona Vale with everyone sitting upstairs to take advantage of the view. Because of Covid we all wore face masks to protect our seleves and others. Quickly arriving at Mona Vale we transferred to a 199 to Palm Beach getting off at the Golf Course. By now it was raining so we all put our rain coats on and headed for the light house.

We walked along the Pittwater bank of the sand bar heading north and passing the surf club volunteers training on their jet ski's. We came off the beach and headed up the hill, half taking the main track and the others taking the Smugglers steps. Walking through bush we counted 14 different native plants in flower. We could see the mist over the ocean and 'Summer Bay' but no whales :(. When we arrived at the lighthouse we took some pictures and had some stacks. Some scouts sheltered under a porch and did some hand stands.

Tin Tin said there was a short cut to the ocean beach so we all looked but could not find it so ended up gong down the same way we came up. Headed to the ocean beach shoes were taken off and the brave wet there toes in the cold Pacific Ocean. After a few hundred metres the going was too slow on the soft sand so we moved off the beach. The rain was getting very heavy and we took shelter at the toilet block with more snacks eaten.

Moving on to the rock pool before heading up the hill on a footpath to the road where we walked to Whale Beach. Once we got to Whale Beach we sheltered at the surf club where we had more snacks and some scouts did push ups for a piece of chocolate. We decided that getting to Newport was too far and decided to aim for Avalon via the bat cave.

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