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  • Justin O'Hare

Joeys Go Tunnelling

Last weekend Joey Scouts went on a real adventure. Setting off from Freshwater beach we climbed over the hill heading south looking back at the views of Freshwater beach. On the other side, we hit the sand at Queenscliff before heading along the pool. We clambered over the rocks to the secret tunnel.

Once through the tunnel, we had amazing views across the Tasman almost spying New Zealand. We stayed at this magical spot for a few minutes to invest our newest leader Nic. She was surrounded by Joeys and her family.

Some wise people wanted to turn back at this stage but we kept going Freshwater bound! We had to climb a big boulder and then crawl along a rock ledge before getting to a ledge where we could break for a snack (Joeys love their snacks).

A big cargo plane flew very low and close to shore as if it was going to crash on the beach but it managed to survive. We passed spearfishermen and picked up plastic rubbish scattered among the rocks.

We made it to the sand only needing to use the first aid kit a couple of times. The sand and waves were too much of a temptation for our Joeys with several of them jumping into the water shoes and all!

Back to the hall to put up tents, cook dinner on open fires and watch the night sky. The adults needed a rest but the Joeys could go all night fueled on toasted marshmallows!

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