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We're back!

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Its time to put your uniform back on and get back into the action at 1st/2nd Harbord Scouts.

Joeys starts - Wednesday 6th Feb at 5:30 PM

Cubs starts - Wednesday 6th Feb at 7PM

Scouts starts - Thursday 31st January at 7PM

If you are 5, 6 or 7 or know someone who is we are building our Joey Mob for kids that love adventure and have energy to burn.


Welcome back to another year of Cubs.

We had some great activities in 2018 and we will look to build on these in 2019.

Cub Leaders have completed an extensive planning session and wanted to share our outcomes for Term 1 – our aim is to take advantage of summer and Daylight savings.

Our plan thus far is as follows:

WEEK 1 date is 6th February 2019– South Curl Curl Pool, swimming and water safety night - 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

WEEK 2 is 12th February 2019 (Note this is a TUESDAY and not the usual Wednesday night) – Water Slide Manly – District Night – Cost $20.

SATURDAY 16th there is a CANOE COURSE AT NARABEEN LAKE commencing 8:30AM and going most of the day (I think it’s a 4:30PM finish). Cubs learn basic canoe skills and obtain a canoe badge – we will need some parent helpers on this day if you are available.

WEEK 3 is 20th February 2019 - back in the hall – Fitness Badge work.

WEEK 4 is 27th February 2019 – bike riding (probably Narabeen Lake – we will be concentrating more on bike riding skills and braking etc in anticipation for March 27th) - we may need a parent helpers on the night.

WEEK 5 is March 6th 2019 – back in the hall – Personal Home safety. Also there will be a presentation at the end of the night on Cuboree in January 2020 (parents welcome to attend this presentation).

WEEK 6 is March 13th 2019 – North Head Navigation (this is still pending approval).

March 15th – 17th 2019 is the ENVIRONMENTAL CAMP AT INGLESIDE – this is the signature event in Term 1 and possibly the first major camp for some cubs – it is also 2 nights – this will definitely go ahead assuming weather is OK.

WEEK 7 is March 20th 2019 – at the hall working on the “Messenger of Peace” badge.

WEEK 8 is March 27th 2019 – B.M.X. Track at Terry Hills. We will need some parent helpers for this event.

WEEK 9 is April 3rd 2019 – potential ANZAC preparation night at Cadets (this is still pending approval).

WEEK 10 is April 10th 2019 – Fishing Night and sausage sizzle (probably at Manly Dam and details still being worked on).

(Note that there is also an ANZAC march on ANZAC day (Thursday 25th April) in the School Holidays)

Please be aware that this is a rough outline only.

Things change, Leaders have commitments and holidays - and sometimes the weather does not co-operate and as such some of these activities might not eventuate.

I have found it best not to share this with the cubs as they sometimes get disappointed.

All and any changes will be communicated as soon as there are made.

We are currently in between the old E1 paper permission forms and Caremonkey. Apologies for the delay – unfortunately some activities still require the old E1 form. We will advise week to week any updates on this and try to have extra E1 forms available on the night.

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